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Frequently Asked Questions

A: All we really want from a customer is to have a parking spot close by to the location we are cleaning as this will reduce our time for preparation and expedite the cleaning process greatly.

A: Move heavier and larger pieces of furniture that are found in the locations we have to clean. Not only does it help our team, but it also reduces the chance of damage being dealt to precious property.

A: Yes! We take on jobs even during the holiday periods, free of any extra charge we will come and clean during the regular hours. Just give us a call and reserve a spot, just in case we are busy.

A: Yes they are. All of our detergents and cleaning agents are put to the test before being used in the field. They all pass a 95% bio-degradability rating and comply with all standards as set by REACH. This means they are completely safe for usage in homes with allergy prone individuals and even infants.

A: Give us a call and specify your order number. We will come and clean a second time, free of charge, and do what ever we can to prevent this from happening again.

A: Yes, you can set a schedule for when you want our cleaners to arrive and what to clean and we will automatically charge you for the set amount. You also get a booking discount with it, so don’t waste time and do a regular booking.

A: We have techniques that have proven to be helpful when dealing with allergen exposures, however, we cannot guarantee that we can alleviate your symptoms. However, our team will do their best to help in your time of need.