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Proficient Mattress Cleaning Watford

Mattress cleaning in WatfordBad smell, bed bug infestations, rashes - all that is definitely ruining your sleep. Enough is enough - book our professional mattress cleaning Watford and we'll restore your sleeping comfort. Our prices are fair; there are no hidden fees, nor there is a need of you paying in advance. Choosing "watford Local Cleaners" Ltd. will also get you:

  • Full pest extermination
  • Bad odour & stains removal
  • Long term desinfection
  • Combined orders deals - up to 20%
  • 24/7 customer support

All this is carried out by a team of proficient & fully insured mattress cleaners WDS17, which use powerfull cleaning equipment and Prochem detergents. We put an emphasis on your safety and take extra care when dealing with your personal belongings, especially when cleaning your expensive bed mattress. Do not wait and contact us right now on 020 3746 8219. Clean beds, sweat dreams!

Service Details

As an experienced mattress cleaning Watford company, we can succesfully clean memory foam, regular mattress, orthopedic mattresses, cotton mattresses, spring mattresses, anti-bacterial mattresses and many more mattress types. And you should not worry about us damaging your bed furniture - the mattress cleaners we'll send you know what they are doing and no harm will ever come to your mattress.

Mattress Cleaning Methods

U.V Lights treatment – with an emphasis on your safety and well being, we’ve began using an extra special treatment that does not require chemicals nor does it use any detergents in the extermination process. We use ultra violet lighting instead, most commonly seen in operating rooms, hospitals and research labs. These lights are a chemical free way of disinfecting a certain area, equipment or even an entire room. Their power comes from the length at which these rays move, due to the low frequency they are able to pass through many layers of different matter, including a mattress however thick it is. It kills of any bacteria and be bugs or dust mites almost instantly, leaving for us to extract the carcasses and fecal matter. It’s quick, easy and does not harm you or your family in any way.

Steam cleaning – deals with the staining that can sometimes be found on household mattresses, and almost as successfully deals with odours and dead skin cells accumulations. We can extract anything from your mattress, using only the best in bio-degradable detergents that have a 0% chemical footprint. We apply the steam jet on the affected area, minimizingexposure times, while immediately drawing all of the nasty stuff inside the mattress out. We manage to do that using a high pressure vacuum machine which gently but efficiently draws everything out. This is sometimes used as a follow up procedure for the U.V treatment (if you book both you get a discount). There is almost no drying time nor is there any risk of mold growth during said drying time.

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Booking us is quick and easy - simply call 020 3746 8219 and schedule a visit with us. State your needs and we will be sure to accommodate them. The booking form located on the website is also a good way of contacting us at any time, that and the instant live chat found on the bottom right of your screen. Don't forget to ask about our cool offers - up to 20% discount if you combine two or more from our services. We are available every day from Monday til Sunday, 07:00 - 19:00. You can choose to pay us either by cheque, cash, banking transfer or credit/debit card. Remember that we do not accept American Express.